Success Secrets bookHave you ever wondered why some businesses seem to go from strength to strength, while others just struggle along or worse still, close the doors not long after they open? What do the successful people know that the unsuccessful people don’t? Is there really a ‘secret formula’ for starting and running a successful business? Is it management skills, flair, vision, knowledge, leadership ability, persistence or just plain luck?

The truth is, it’s usually a combination of all these things and more. There are no ‘secrets’ as such to starting and running a successful business. There are however, lots of ‘tricks of the trade’ and shortcuts to success that will save you a lot of time, money and heartache. What is commonly referred to as the ‘street smarts’. That’s what this book is all about.

Most of the wisdom it contains was gained by the author the hard way – by making costly and painstaking mistakes. Experience is an wonderful teacher but it can also be a very expensive one! Success Secrets for your Small Business is designed to save you having to learn these expensive lessons the hard way. It sets out to give you a broad overview of the daily problems and challenges you are likely to encounter in your daily business life and the best ways to effectively deal with them.

I’ve now spent over forty years running my own business in several different industries. During that time, I’ve enjoyed some notable successes however, I’ve also had my share of setbacks. And I once owned a business that failed, resulting in my losing virtually every penny I had in the world. It was a dreadful experience and one that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy!

Unfortunately, every year, thousands of small business owners suffer a similar fate. If sharing my experiences through this book results in even one of these failures being avoided, then the time and effort spent writing it will have been well worthwhile.

I wish you good luck with your business.

Author – Success Secrets for your Small Business