Articles & Reports

The following articles on various business topics have been written by Peter Thorpe. They may be reproduced in other publications provided you seek permission from the author. If you would like Peter to write an article for you on a specific topic please contact him at:

How to make ads generate leads - Eight ideas that work!
How small ads can be big money-makers
The 'Price' of Success
Beware of the Fifth 'P'
Eight ways to write money-making headlines
How to evaluate an ad - A quick case history
How to unlock the power of "cross selling"
The line that every marketer should remember: "I've got what you want."
The formula for direct response success
The power of positioning
Are You Making These Three Web Writing Mistakes?
Six ways to guarantee direct mail success
I Feel Your Pain - How To Push The "Ouch" Button

Relationship Marketing – Back to the Future
What Price Loyalty?
The Importance of the Three 'R's…
Back to the Big Picture
CRM = Customers Really Matter!
Have you seen our Company's Website?
What's in a Name?


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